WoW: Shadowlands Patch 9.2, Eternitys End, is now live

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.2, Eternitys End, is now live on the North American server. Eternities End is the first major content patch for WoW since last summer’s Patch 9.1.

Patch 9.2 is a new feature for introducing Sink to Play. However, none of those are as prominent as the latest Shadowlands in the latest open world zone, Zereth Mortis. There, players will be able to take advantage of the Expansions campaign, according to Blizzard. The patch will not be available until today’s first release.

Patch 9.2 will allow players to complete their new quest, The First of the Sepulcher. The raid begins with a battle of eleven bosses and culminates in The Jailer, the mysterious principal villain of the Shadowlands expansion. The First Ones of the Sepulcher will also return to the host of the class Tier Sets, a feature that has been previously done with Legion Expansion.

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The First Nations of the Sepulcher will open its gates on March 1 with only the first eight bosses fighting the Normal and Heroic Difficulties. The following week, in March 8, the players will be able to make progress on Mythic Difficulties, while the final three bosses will be available on the Normal and Heroic Difficulties.

The PvP players will soon be able to play in the third season of Shadowlands PvP. PvP will start the new season with a second server update on March 1st. Mythic + players will also be able to play in season three next week.

OO, .., and OOE, and IA The Patch Is Going To Live In The EU Tomorrow, Feb. 23.

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