Xbox Series X | S on Best Horror Games

While Halloween may be a few months away, that’s a mean spare-chilling horror game with your favorite hot drink and a creepy night out. Yes, there’s no time like the present for your spook and if you’re lucky enough to own an Xbox Series X | S, then you’ve got plenty of great horror games.

So, without further ado, sit back and relax steel yourself, as we run down 10 best horror games you can play on your Xbox Series X | S right now. Let’s jump in, shall we?

10. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2, Best Horror Games on Xbox Series X | S

Undead Labs’ survival horror sim is an open-world playground brimming with rewarding exploration, fun co-op gameplay, and more shuffling numbskulls than you can shake at a stick. While the State of Decay 2 launched back in 2018 with technical woes, the bulk of these issues have thankfully been ameliorated through a number of patches and updates.

Combining the tense, nail-biting single-player experience of a traditional open-world survive-’em-up with an online co-op component, State of Decay 2 is a rare gem that transcends both really well.

9. The Medium

Xbox Series X | S on 10 Best Horror Games

Tonally and from its overall sound and music design, one could make a good case describing The Medium as a quasi-spiritual successor to the Silent Hill series. With the series’ composer Akira Yamaoka on audio production duties and an eerie dark world that’s reminiscent of the otherworld from Konami’s venerable horror series, both IP have one in common with a surprising amount. (There are even rumors that the Bloomer Team is secretly working on its own Silent Hill game.)

Still, The Medium forgoes the dual-reality puzzles and pure atmosphere of favorites in traditional combat, and the result is a highly commendable horror experience that emphasizes its slow-burn narrative to balls over the wall.

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8. Fear of Layers

Xbox Series X | S on Best Horror Games

Another Bloober Team title, Layers of Fear is a first-person psychological scare-’em-up that puts you in the shoes of a mad artist hellbent on his piéce de résistance. While the gothic Victorian setting is an on-point and its intriguing family-focused story, the title shows a surprising amount of restraint when it comes to its jump scares, which are really laudable.

In all, it’s a short and sweet horror experience clocking in at around five hours long; But rest assured, it’s a memorable and mind-bending trip that will leave you with a lasting impression.

7. Daylight by the Dead

Dead By Daylight

Asymmetrical horror games seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, but Dead by Daylight is one of the best sub-genre has to offer. Indeed, Behavior Interactive’s 1 vs.. 4 hunt-’em-up boasts A wide variety of playable iconic killers from various cinematic properties that have been slowly drip-fed into the game since its launch back in 2016.

From Halloween’s Michael Myers to A Nightmare to Elm Street’s Freddy to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Even Pighead Saw (and Breathe!), The Canadian studio’s roster of (in) famous playable characters is definitely one of the game’s most unique assets.

6. Visage


If you’re not a fan of sleep and you just want to keep it straight-up terrifying all night, then Sadsquare Studio has got you covered with its PT-inspired psychological horror experience, Visage. Similar to Amnesia: A Dark Descent, a handful of seriously bloodcurdling jump-out-of-your-skin paranormal moments leading to a game mechanic.

That’s right, if you spend too much time in the dark, you’ll start looking… things. Yeah, we’ll just go with that. Definitely bring this thrill ride for your finest pair of brown pants!

5. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

Both The Evil Within titles are terrific heart-in-mouth scare-fests, though Tango Gameworks ‘sophomore effort arguably edges the series’ debut with its stronger and more personal story, and striking horror imagery.

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Blending the Cell-esque mind-bending symbolism with the haunting bug-eyed atmosphere of Ringu, The Evil Within 2 is a not-so-subtle Tobe Hooper B-movie slasher tone as a deft balance of Western and Japanese aesthetics. Come join us as we pray for an official threequel…

4. Dead Space

Dead Space

Visceral Games’ interstellar survival horror masterpiece not only helped kickstart a brand new franchise, but went on to become one of the finest action-horror games ever made – bar none. While it’s all set to receive an official remake, we still think the original stands up through a modern lens.

Paul WS Anderson’s critically maligned Event Horizon with John Carpenter’s Bonafide classic The Thing of Combining the Claustrophobia and Horrific Monster Designs Its debts to the silver screen. In short: an oldie but a goodie!

3. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Not only was Capcom’s eighth mainline entry into its beloved survival horror series The Best Horror Games of 2021, but it’s also a very special lady to celebrate. Yes, few characters have made their way into the cultural zeitgeist like everybody’s favorite countess, Lady Dimitrescu.

While her appearance in Resident Evil: Village may have been a little too flash-in-the-pan, the game is still a phenomenal journey with brimming bloodsucking lycanthropes, acid-spewing fishmen, and a foetus thingy that will haunt your waking Your god-fearing days of rest for hours.

2. Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation

Ridley Scott’s slow-burn cat-and-mouse 1979 classic, Alien, and it’s all for the better.

Not Only Alien: Isolation is an authentically crafted love-letter to the heart-pounding sci-fi horror of the uber influential original film, but its stealth-focused gameplay cleverly captures the unpredictable predatory AI of a single xenomorph threat and builds a captivating rollercoaster thrill ride around it. Any Xenomorph fans out there for essential!

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1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 remake

While this list is the only one on Capcom’s genre-defining survival horror series, this is the most justifiable given how differently these two specific titles play. Resident Evil: Village is the latest installment of a franchise with a modernized first-person perspective. Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 2 The remake is a reimagining of the PS1 gem back in the day.

Boasting slick third-person combat, a multitude of quality-of-life improvements over its 1998 source material, and a fantastic central villain (I’m looking for you Mr. X!), And a top-notch for all the ingredients you’ve got. A beloved horror experience of notch remake. Plus, with the next Xbox Series X | S and PS5 next-gen patch officially round the corner, now could be the perfect time to re-experience this modern classic.

So, there you have it. We hope this helped clue you in The ten best horror games you can play on your Xbox Series X | S right now. But what say you, though? Are there any horror titles that we missed? Creep down to the usual place to let us know.

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