Xiaomi Art+ theme in the MIUI Themes application [January 2022]

Xiaomi has officially introduced the MIUI Themes application that provides access to the “Art+” theme for its devices. These three series are mostly included in the Xiaomi Art+ theme, which is organized in a number of categories.

  • Blue Planet series
  • Master collection series
  • Dunhuang series

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The album further features themes like Myriad Beasts, The Voice of the Silk Road, and Goodbye Dunhuang. When you update the MIUI themes App to the latest version, you will see the Art+ section on the homepage, and you will be able to access the amazing themes. The descriptions of these themes can be found below.

Xiaomi Art+ Themes Categories

Xiaomi Art+ theme

Blue Planet series

Finland and Greenland are currently included in the Blue Planet series.  

Xiaomi Art+

Master Collection series

Original works by painters such as Van Gogh, Katsushika Hokusai, Monet, and Gauguin are included in the Master Collection series.  

Dunhuang series

Xiaomi launches a series of customized themes featuring a classical style and the image of the Phaetian goddess for the first time, based on the Dunhuang “broken wall Phaetian” series. Through the Dunhuang Academy of Fine Arts, Xiaomi developed the theme for this series.  

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