Young souls will be released on PC and console next week

The Arcade Crew announced the release date of Young Souls, with the game coming to consoles and PCs next week. We’ve been in development for a few years, and even tried a demo at PAX East in 2019 and waited for it to be completed. This time we arrived almost three years ago and that date will finally be released with a full new overview video of the two created by the developers, Jenn and Tristan, while we watch. Dive into them and get back home before fighting the intense dungeon for another world. Enjoy the trailer as we wait for the game to air soon.

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Credit: Arcaders: The crew is doing their best.

In their life path, Jenn and Tristan became a mysterious scientist; They took them in and loved them, who became their own children. Very strange circumstances in that year. The duo sifted desperately for him. They seized a hidden cave and a portal to the Moon Gate, so they can go to a dangerous parallel, where the goblins thrive. These are very different worlds when you have young souls on your journey.

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Fighting Goblins isn’t as easy as fighting the happy machine at Happy Fit. Combat is punishing and demanding but you will be rewarded with loot chests so that you can forget about the battlefield while you suffer. There are endless combinations that vary the stats of your equipment, weapon and gameplay. A person who dares to get to the land of goblins is an easy to adopt, defensive or balanced strategy. Brewing up enemies is definitely the only way to avoid the epic bosses that make you sweat.

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