You’ve been trying something new with your hands on the game. What’s your style for?

The Army of Ladies and Gentlemen, synchronize your wardrobes and prepare to face the battle. The Trial of Style has arrived now, and its time to test your transmogrification skills.

Your invitation was invited.

When was March 2024?
Where: Queue a 6-player scenario with the nearest friendly NPC-in-the-sector!
What: Contestants will have two minutes to create transmog sets from items that are based on their collection. Two players will be on stage to put on a one-off strike and show off their creations with the remaining four to vote on what the two have achieved.

Collect everything from that.

Collect all 12 Ensembles so that you can always stay a styleful member.

  • Sampling: The Amaranthine Path in Armor.
  • Chainmail is a “seven-eyed” hunt.
  • Ensemble: Restless Dreambound Battlegear.
  • Spiritbind: Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia.
  • Samoan & David:
  • Unit: Derizu Weaponor
  • The four sides of the sand.
  • Ensemble: Mana regalia échequed.
  • Ensemble: Mindwrack Raiment!
  • A congrisseur of Obsidian origins Garb
  • Sets: Righteous Battleboard.
  • Ensemble: Wandraspite Armory Armor.
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You can use props to fill out a trial style group with you. These props are available, but will only appear on stage, but will last through the entire competition.

Nellie Voguesong, the renowned designer, sells a pair of pants and a pair of boots, just in case you didn’t bring one.

Help them a little. Your fans help you.

Would you like a little help while you’re on stage? Don’t worryweve got you covered. Purchase a reward letter written by an Admirer, which can be used to recruit a fashion aficionado to cheer you on during the competition.

No sight. It will be fair before the competition.
If you’re serious about playing a guitar, please don’t look at it.

After the glitter settles and votes are tallied, the First Place, Second Place and Third Place winner will be awarded. Don’t Be Worriedeven If You Don’t Win The Trial Of Style Consolation Prize. These prizes include Trial of Style Tokens, which can be used for special transmog equipment.

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Azeroth Land in Stylish Citizens for This Is Free. Even if you do not participate, you can change your hairstyle and transmog without money.

Please share your best transmogs on Twitter with #Mondayandand for the chance to be featured.

Sources: Blizzard.

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