ZOぞ Kill Sound & Tanto Skins Update Patch Notes

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ZOぞ Kill Sound & Tanto Skins Patch Notes


The shop category for Tanto Skins is now available! There are a few purchasable for now but there will be many more later.


Many people have asked for a toggle for kill sounds, and we’ve made it after a full revamp to how our sound systems work in the backend.


If you have Roblox Premium, you can now gain an increase of 2X souls per kill after being in a server for 20 minutes!


There are now two new kill effects, “Dust” and “Midas”!


There is now the additions of the Stone Katana, Stone Tanto, and the Pen.


Sadly, there was a bug if you may have noticed with the donation leaderboards, and we have been forced to reset them due to this.


Winter is now over in ZO, and we have reverted the map back to the original one with some higher detail textures here and there…Hey, if you’re still reading this changelog, try the code “Newyear2022”!


The chat used to bounce a lot, and a Roblox bug was to blame for this with how chat rendered sadly. We’ve attempted to remedy this but it may happen every now and then – we’re looking into a proper fix for this.


Completed the “KILLS” Quest line!


A few skins have been taken out of the shop from the Winter update, and the Energy Pyke skin is now going the way of the Energy Blade.

That’s everything you need to know about the new Kill Sound and Tanto Skin update for Roblox Zo! We’ll have more content for this combat heavy samurai simulator in the near future.

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